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MyChoice Books in Development:

Joey Makes Dinner

Joey is a great helper! He is always helping out in the kitchen and at dinnertime. Then when mommy is not feeling well, Joey decides to help make dinner, but he needs help! What will Joey put in his dinner? How will the dinner look, smell and taste? Joey learns that it is good to be a helper, but some tasks are just too big to do on your own!

Myland's Magical Toymixer

Although it is different every time you visit, Myland is the most beautiful place that you could ever imagine. The children of Myland must learn to share after they find a magic wand that can combine the best features of two toys into a brand new toy! But the children do not want to take turns with the new toys! Princess Maryanne shows the children a new way to share by using their imaginations.

MyChoice Books:


MyChoice Books are a line of novelty children’s books with a format that hopes to stimulate creative thinking and imaginative conversation for parents and children (ages 3-8). The books tell a fun and engaging story, but the children are allowed to customize certain parts of the story by selecting from illustrated cards to complete an illustration and sentence on each page. A creative question following each page asks the child and parent to think about the effects of their choice.

For example, if The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle was a MyChoice Book, the reader would select the foods that the caterpillar eats. If you wanted the caterpillar to get super-duper big, what would you have him eat? Would you have the caterpillar eat his vegetables today? How many colors will the caterpillar eat today?


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