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I am a mom who has found great enjoyment in asking my young children creative questions, and I want to share this with other families. I moderate a Facebook Group – MyPromise Kids  that sends out a creative question to members each day. I have found that spending time each day talking about the ‘Question of the Day’ has helped us set aside special time as a family, and my children are learning to think critically, express their ideas, and nurture their natural creativity. My hope is to help create a special time each day for parents and children to share imaginative conversation.


Question of the Day:





The MyPromise Kids Facebook group sends members a 'Question of the Day' to help stimulate creative conversations with kids. Families can use the question to connect while driving in the car, waiting in line, or sitting at the dinner table. Parents can post their kids' sweet and silly answers to share with friends and family. Example of a question and answers include:


                                                               If you designed a new slide for your favorite playground,

                                                               what would it look like?



       “It would be a dinosaur, and you would slide down its tail." –Age 5

       “It would be curly, and sparkly, and pink, with buttons you could press for music on the way down.” –Age 8

       “It would look like a hippopotamus and you would slide down his teeth.” –Age 4

       “It would be made of all slides, 6 million.” –Age 7

       “It would be humongous all the way up to space, and I would climb all the way to the top and slide down.”  –Age 4










I also enjoy writing articles about creative ways to talk with kids around specific topics, such as how their day was, how they make food choices, what they think would be a fun vacation or their aspirations.





MyChoice Books:




Question of the Day
What Color was Your Day? -Sacramento Parent Magazine, May 2010
Contact: info@mypromisekids.com
Sarah Bailey's art at Studio B Creations
Got Picky Eaters? -Sacramento Parent Magazine, August 2010
My good friend and artist, Sarah Bailey, and I are working on creating a line of novelty books that hope to stimulate creative and imaginative conversation between parent and child. Our hope is that these books help create a special time for families while encouraging a love of reading.
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